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Google Analytics Campaign URL Generator

December 13, 2017

Enter values below and the campaign URL will generate automatically. Click the links for a description of the field and examples. Remember: each placement should have a unique UTM tag; even if the landing page URL is the same for all placements!

  • Nebula Recommendations

    Leaving this checked will apply Nebula recommendations (like all lowercase) for more consistent campaign URLs.

  • Destination URL (Required)

    The URL of the destination page. Don't forget to include the "http://" or "https://" protocol!

  • Campaign Name (Recommended)

    Used for identifying a specific promotion or campaign. This is found in Google Analytics with the dimension Campaign.

    Examples: clearance sale, promo code, slogan

  • Campaign Medium (Recommended)

    The medium of the campaign such as email, or cost-per-click. This is found in Google Analytics with the dimensions Medium and Source/Medium.

    Note: This parameter is how Google Analytics differentiates Paid vs. Non-Paid traffic. Using something like "banner" will show up as Non-Paid! Unless the banner placement is free, it is recommended to use one of the following: cpc, ppc, cpa, cpm, cpv, or cpp. These are the only mediums that Google Analytics detects as paid.

    Examples: cpc, email, retargeting, display, tv

  • Campaign Source (Required)

    The source of the campaign such as a search engine, newsletter name, or referrer. This is found in Google Analytics with the dimension Source and Source/Medium.

    Examples: google, facebook, newsletter 4, coupon, cbs

  • Campaign Content

    (Optional) Used for differentiating ads/links that point to the same URL. This is found in Google Analytics with the dimension Ad Content under Advertising.

    Examples: buffalo, ottawa, syracuse, logo link, text link, evening news spot

  • Campaign Term

    (Optional) Used for paid search. Enter the associated paid keyword(s) with this ad. This can be used for the text that was specifically linked in an email. This is found in Google Analytics with the dimension Keyword under AdWords

  • Your last generated campaign URL

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking FAQ

What does "UTM" stand for? UTM stands for "Urchin Tracking Module". Urchin was purchased by Google in 2005 and re-branded to "Google Analytics". Source: Campaign Monitor »

Where can I learn more about Campaigns and Google Analytics in general? The Digital Analytics Fundamentals course in Google's Analytics Academy is a great resource to learn and test your knowledge using their assessment test. Source: Google Analytics Academy »

Where can I take a proof-of-proficiency test and become certified in Google Analytics? Google Partners is what you're looking for. For more information (and study guide), check out the Digital Analytics Fundamentals » Source: Google Partners »

For Google/Facebook conversion tracking and re-marketing, where in the HTML do the tag snippets go? Google Re-marketing and Google Conversion tags go at the end of <body>. Facebook Re-marketing and Facebook Conversion tags need to go at the end of <head>. Sources: Google Re-marketing », Google Conversion », Facebook Re-marketing », Facebook Conversion »

Additional Notes

This is a campaign URL builder for Google. This generator validates the URL and will automatically encode strings as needed. It also generates on input (instead of having to submit to build). Google’s Official Campaign URL Builder »