Out of the Box

Nebula is a WordPress theme framework that focuses on enhancing development. The core features of Nebula make it a powerful tool for designing, developing, and analyzing WordPress websites consistently, yet its deliberately uncomplicated code syntax also serves as a learning resource for programmers themselves.

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Custom Functionality

Nebula has plenty of custom functions to enhance and accelerate development of WordPress websites. Use the real-time filter to look up custom PHP, JavaScript, and Sass functions in Nebula.

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Admin Features & Options

The WordPress Admin Dashboard becomes useful with Nebula’s custom metaboxes. All the information about the server, content, and users is at a glance. You can also quickly search files and manage @todo comments.

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Analytics & Data

Nebula gives developers the tools to speak to each audience individually. It also prepares lots of custom definitions to make Google Analytics much more powerful.

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Security & Optimization

Nebula removes bloat of WordPress and applies asynchronous loading when possible. It also enhances security and even blocks spambots automatically.

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Plugins & Libraries

Hand selected plugins are bundled with Nebula to ensure the best feature set. Other libraries are included to enhance development and user experience including a Sass compiler and device detection.

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Utilities & Reference Tools

From creating campaign URLs for Google Analytics to generating bearer tokens for the Twitter API, Nebula has tools that make your life just a tiny bit easier.

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