The goal of Nebula is to be both a powerful framework for professional developers as well as a learning resource for entry-level and hobbyist programmers. To accomplish this, Nebula follows a few principles…

Nebula is autonomous.

The reason WordPress has proliferated is in part due to it not needing extra software. Nebula follows this mentality in that it should not require any more server installations than WordPress itself. Functionality within Nebula can certainly utilize more advanced server applications, but it will never require it.

Nebula will always be able to work from the theme directory and be easily transportable regardless of system.

If the environment can run WordPress then the environment can use Nebula.

Nebula is prudent.

An important characteristic of well written code is that it can be easily read by others. Functionality within Nebula is written in a way that allows any programmer to understand the code because it avoids exhibiting nuances of code structure.

Nebula avoids shorthand more complicated than ternary operators so that the syntax is unmistakeable. Parenthesis, braces, and brackets are not ignored so the code is obvious.

Functionality may be complex, but the syntax should not be.


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