This is a convenient alias of lazy_load(). Note: this function does not need to use echo as it prints immediately. This uses JavaScript to load images after the page has finished loading. Any images above the fold will be loaded immediately and any below the fold will wait for the user to scroll. These images Read More »


If a specific datapoint is not passed, the entire userdata object is returned. If the datapoint is not available it returns false. Read More »


This function will return boolean. True if any of the needles are found, and false if none of them are. Read More »


This function will return an array of warnings/errors and other logs, but is only available to admins and developers. Read More »


This function looks for variables set between and in the service worker JavaScript file (default: sw.js) Read More »


The Service Worker Nebula option must be enabled, and the service worker file must be in the proper location (default: root directory) for this function to send the HTTP2 Server Push headers. This function requests a server push of all enqueued local CSS and JS files. Read More »


The default filename for the Nebula service worker is and typical Nebula installation instructs for this file to be moved to the root directory. However, all of this can be overridden by using the action (See below for full code snippet). If you intend on using an alternate filename or location, you must override this Read More »