The default filename for the Nebula service worker is and typical Nebula installation instructs for this file to be moved to the root directory. However, all of this can be overridden by using the action (See below for full code snippet). If you intend on using an alternate filename or location, you must override this Read More »


Google Analytics does not have a default exception report. You'll need to make one or find one in the Gallery. I recommend Ron Whitman's Exception Report. This function can't catch all errors, but it offers a glimpse into many that will prevent visitors from using the website. JavaScript errors are also logged in the same Read More »


This is basically wp_remote_get() with a caching aspect. If a resource is unavailable, Nebula will not remotely request from that hostname for 10 minutes to maintain quick load times. Read More »


These keywords are only used for internal searching (not external like Google or Bing) and does not alter SEO in any way. These are very useful for capturing typos, misspellings, and alternate wordings for posts so they still return in results for various terms and phrases (as well as supplemental searches like on 404 page Read More »