This debug info is sent to the recipient of the form if the shortcode [debuginfo] appears in the message of the Contact Form 7 form settings. This debug info is stored in WordPress within the Nebula CF7 Submissions custom post type (which appears within the "Contact" admin menu item). It may appear in other form Read More »


Important: This function requires the "Attribution Tracking" Nebula Option to be enabled in order to use it! Be sure that the use of this cookie fits within your privacy policy and other regulations. Note that this stores the entire URL of the landing page (LP) including the entire query string if any UTM tag (or Read More »


If using a CF7 form, be sure to place the feedback form inside of the post loop if you want to use the post-related special mail tags (such as )! Contact Form 7 Special Mail Tags » The email field should be optional! The purpose of this form is not lead generation, but improving user Read More »


This function is mostly for the convenient pattern of checking the transient and the object cache. If your usage of the transient storage is different than simply getting/setting data to a variable, you may need to write the transient/wp_cache directly. Note: Using the query parameter will clear/bypass the transient. Read More »


This function is true if the current request is an AJAX, REST, CRON, XMLRPC, or WP installation. This is great for optimizing server-side functionality that is only meant to be run either during, or not during one of these "background" requests. Read More »


The Service Worker Nebula option must be enabled, and the service worker file must be in the proper location (default: root directory) for this function to send the HTTP2 Server Push headers. This function requests a server push of all enqueued local JS files. Read More »


Common WordPress hooks for deregistering assets include , , and . Make sure your hook has a higher priority number so it runs after the original. This function both dequeues and deregisters the asset. Then it logs it in Nebula to appear in the WordPress admin bar  (under the Edit Post menu). Nebula will only Read More »