Common WordPress hooks for deregistering assets include , , and . Make sure your hook has a higher priority number so it runs after the original. This function both dequeues and deregisters the asset. Then it logs it in Nebula to appear in the WordPress admin bar  (under the Edit Post menu). Nebula will only Read More »


This log option is disabled by default! It will not log anything when disabled, so retroactive logs are not possible. It is available in Nebula Options in the Administrative tab and logs themselves can be viewed in Nebula Options in the Diagnostics tab. Some examples of administrative events that are logged by Nebula itself: Nebula Read More »


The Google Place ID can be entered in Nebula Options where this function will look if a specific Place ID is not included when this function is called. Note: This URL will appear in the Administrative metabox in the WordPress admin Dashboard where it can be easily copy and pasted by anyone. This link will Read More »


This function prioritizes in the following order: A custom function that hooks into `nebula_logo` (an image file URL is the expected return) Customizer on sub-page when that one-color logo checkbox is selected Customizer on home page when that one-color logo checkbox is selected Customizer full color logo Child theme logo (SVG or PNG) Parent theme Read More »