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Adds contextual information to all Contact Form 7 submissions.

PHP July 1, 2022




(Required) (Object) An instance of the CF7 form submission
Default: None

Parameter Notes

Use WPCF7_Submission::get_instance(); as the $cf7_instance parameter.

However, in most cases, child theme developers would interface with this function via the nebula_cf7_debug_info filter.

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Get an array of debug info

$nebula_debug_info = nebula()->cf7_debug_info(WPCF7_Submission::get_instance());

Add custom data to the debug information

add_filter('nebula_cf7_debug_info', function($debug_info){
    //Add custom data to the debug info
    if ( get_option('tier_name') ){
        $debug_info['tier'] = get_option('tier_name'); //Add an example item
    return $debug_info; //Always return in filters!

Remove data from the debug information

add_filter('nebula_cf7_debug_info', function($debug_info){
    unset($debug_info['nebula_anonymized_ip']); //Remove this item
    return $debug_info; //Always return in filters!

Additional Notes

This debug info is sent to the recipient of the form if the shortcode [debuginfo] appears in the message of the Contact Form 7 form settings.

This debug info is stored in WordPress within the Nebula CF7 Submissions custom post type (which appears within the “Contact” admin menu item). It may appear in other form storage systems like the Advanced CF7 DB plugin, but mileage may vary.

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    Source File

    Located in /libs/Functions.php on line 3361.

    1 Hook

    Find these filters and actions in the source code below to hook into them. Use do_action() and add_filter() in your functions file or plugin.

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            public function cf7_debug_info($submission, $submission_data=false){
                global $wp_version;
                $debug_info = array();
                $debug_info['wp_core_version'] = $wp_version;
                $debug_info['nebula_timestamp'] = date('U');
                $debug_info['nebula_date_formatted'] = date('l, F j, Y \a\t g:ia');
                $debug_info['nebula_version'] = $this->version('full') . ' (Committed ' . $this->version('date') . ')';
                $debug_info['nebula_child_version'] = $this->child_version('full');
                $debug_info['nebula_session_id'] = sanitize_text_field($this->nebula_session_id());
                $debug_info['nebula_ga_cid'] = sanitize_text_field($this->ga_parse_cookie());
                if ( !empty($submission_data) ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_current_page'] = sanitize_text_field(get_permalink($submission_data['_wpcf7_container_post']));
                $session_cookie_data = json_decode(stripslashes($this->super->cookie['session']), true);
                if ( isset($session_cookie_data['landing_page']) ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_referrer'] = sanitize_text_field($session_cookie_data['referrer']); //This is the original referrer (not just the previous page)
                    $debug_info['nebula_landing_page'] = sanitize_text_field($session_cookie_data['landing_page']); //This is the first page view of the session
                if ( $this->get_option('attribution_tracking') ){ //Don't output these unless this option is enabled (to prevent empty values from appearing like a lack of activity)
                    $debug_info['nebula_utms'] = sanitize_text_field(htmlspecialchars_decode($this->utms())); //Check for PHP-based attribution cookie
                    //Check for the JS-based attribution cookie
                    if ( isset($this->super->cookie['attribution']) ){
                        $debug_info['nebula_attribution'] = sanitize_text_field($this->super->cookie['attribution']);
                if ( $this->is_dev() ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_staff'] = 'Developer';
                } elseif ( $this->is_client() ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_staff'] = 'Client';
                } elseif ( $this->is_staff() ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_staff'] = 'Staff';
                //Logged-in User Info
                if ( is_object($submission) ){
                    $user_id = (int) $submission->get_meta('current_user_id');
                    if ( !empty($user_id) ){
                        $user_info = get_userdata($user_id);
                        $debug_info['nebula_user_id'] = $user_info->ID;
                        $debug_info['nebula_username'] = $user_info->user_login;
                        $debug_info['nebula_display_name'] = $user_info->display_name;
                        $debug_info['nebula_email'] = $user_info->user_email;
                        if ( get_the_author_meta('phonenumber', $user_info->ID) ){
                            $debug_info['nebula_phone'] = get_the_author_meta('phonenumber', $user_info->ID);
                        if ( get_the_author_meta('jobtitle', $user_info->ID) ){
                            $debug_info['nebula_job_title'] = get_the_author_meta('jobtitle', $user_info->ID);
                        if ( get_the_author_meta('jobcompany', $user_info->ID) ){
                            $debug_info['nebula_company'] = get_the_author_meta('jobcompany', $user_info->ID);
                        if ( get_the_author_meta('jobcompanywebsite', $user_info->ID) ){
                            $debug_info['nebula_company_website'] = get_the_author_meta('jobcompanywebsite', $user_info->ID);
                        if ( get_the_author_meta('usercity', $user_info->ID) && get_the_author_meta('userstate', $user_info->ID) ){
                            $debug_info['nebula_city_state'] = get_the_author_meta('usercity', $user_info->ID) . ', ' . get_the_author_meta('userstate', $user_info->ID);
                        $debug_info['nebula_role'] = $this->user_role();
                //Bot detection
                if ( $this->is_bot() ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_bot'] = 'Bot detected';
                //WPML Language
                if ( defined('ICL_LANGUAGE_NAME') ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_language'] = ICL_LANGUAGE_NAME . ' (' . ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE . ')';
                //Device information
                if ( isset($this->super->server['HTTP_USER_AGENT']) ){
                    $debug_info['nebula_user_agent'] = sanitize_text_field($this->super->server['HTTP_USER_AGENT']);
                $debug_info['nebula_device_type'] = ucwords($this->get_device('formfactor'));
                $debug_info['nebula_device'] = $this->get_device('full');
                $debug_info['nebula_os'] = $this->get_os();
                $debug_info['nebula_browser'] = $this->get_browser('full');
                //Anonymized IP address
                $debug_info['nebula_anonymized_ip'] = sanitize_text_field($this->get_ip_address());
                $debug_info = map_deep($debug_info, 'sanitize_text_field'); //Deep sanitization of the full data array
                return apply_filters('nebula_cf7_debug_info', $debug_info);


    This function can not be short-circuited with an override filter. Request one?