This function relies on the element be set to 16px as it calculates the rem size based on 16px. Read More »


Unlike high-contrast-color() this function only returns black or white, but it is not as intensive nor does it require a linear channel value lookup table. Read More »


This mixin creates 4 classes to use with or without Bootstrap elements (where "name" below is replaced with the first parameter): Bootstrap elements: Additional helper classes: Read More »


This function requires the linear channel value lookup table. For simple functionality (when only needing black and white return values) consider using the readable-color() function instead. Read More »


Icons are not applied to buttons. Default file icons: doc, docx xls, xlsx ppt, pptx pdf, pdfx zip, zipx, rar, gz, tar txt, rtf html (specific) php (specific) js (specific) css, scss (specific) swf (specific) The  class can appear on any parent element to disable icons for everything inside. Read More »