Note: Before starting this checklist, make sure the testing checklist has been completed.

Wordpress Admin

  • Verify Site Title is correct (Settings > General).
  • Verify Tagline is either client’s tagline or empty (Settings > General).
  • Verify Wordpress Address and Site Address are correct (Settings > General).
  • Change email address to client’s admin email (Settings > General).
  • Allow Search Engine Visibility (Settings > Reading).
  • Verify Permalinks are set to “Post name” (Settings > Permalinks).
  • Verify sitemap is enabled.
    • If using Yoast, enable it under Yoast > Dashboard > Features then enable Advanced Settings Pages. Then, go to Yoast > XML Sitemaps and verify it is enabled. You may need to re-save permalinks to actually trigger this setting.


  • Search for “@TODO:” on template PHP, CSS, and JS files (Use the Developer Information metabox to save time).
  • Remove console logs and debugs from JS (including comments).
  • Ensure Google Analytics is properly invoked (along with events and AdWords).
  • Ensure required bug testing has been completed.
  • Ensure required content entry has been completed.
  • Prepare 301 Redirects.
  • Backup “wp_content” folder.


  • Backup Wordpress database (cPanel > MySQL).
  • Find/Replace the domain in the database if needed (cPanel > MySQL).
  • Integrate uptime monitoring (if applicable).


  • Verify content did not get rolled back.
  • Verify all custom post types are editable and appear on front-end.
  • Test form validation and submission.
  • Verify www or non-www redirects (.htaccess).
  • Verify off-site links open in a new window.
  • Verify login.
  • Verify file upload.
  • Verify Open Graph tags and images.
  • Verify favicon.
  • Verify Google Analytics (Real-Time reports).
  • Verify Google Webmaster Tools.
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