Nebula bundles lots of optional Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics for Google Analytics. Use as many or as few as needed. Use the Nebula Options page to enable them.

While these definitions are bundled with Nebula, they must be created individually within Google Analytics to work!

Custom Dimensions

Post Data

Tracks the article author’s name on single posts. Scope: Hit

Sends a string of all the post’s categories to the pageview hit. Scope: Hit

Sends a string of all the post’s tags to the pageview hit. Scope: Hit

Word Count
Sends word count range for single posts. Scope: Hit

Publish Year
Sends the year the post was published. Scope: Hit

Scroll Depth
Information tied to the event such as “Scanner” or “Reader”. Scope: Hit

Business Data

Business Hours
Passes “During Business Hours”, or “Non-Business Hours” if business hours metadata has been entered. Scope: Hit

Relative Time
Sends the relative time (Ex: “Late Morning”, “Early Evening”, etc.) based on the business timezone (via WordPress settings). Scope: Hit

Sends the current weather conditions (at the business location) as a dimension. Scope: Hit

Sends temperature ranges (at the business location) in 5°F intervals. Scope: Hit

User Data

Sends “Developer” or “Client” for associated users. Note: Session ID does contain this information, but this is explicitly more human readable. Scope: User

Session ID
ID system so that you can group hits into specific user sessions. This ID is not personally identifiable and therefore fits within the Google Analytics ToS for PII. Scope: Session

User ID
If allowing visitors to create WordPress accounts, this will send user IDs to Google Analytics. Scope: User

Adds an ISO timestamp (in the user’s local time) with timezone offset (Ex: “2015-10-27T17:25:27.466-04:00”). Scope: Hit

Allows latitude and longitude coordinates to be sent after being detected. Scope: Session

Geolocation Accuracy*
Allows geolocation accuracy to be sent after being detected. Scope: Session

Geolocation Name*
Allows named location information to be sent after being detected using map polygons. Scope: Session

Ad Blocker
Detects if the user is using ad blocking scripts (Note: Be certain the scope is not set to “hit”!). Scope: Session

Notable Browser
Sends data when notable browser info is detected (such as notable bot traffic or JavaScript disabled). Scope: Session

Conversion Data

Event Intent
Log whether the event was true, or just a possible intention. Scope: Hit

Contact Method
If the user triggers a contact event, the method of contact is stored here. Scope: User

Video Watcher
Sets a dimension when videos are started and finished. Scope: Session

Custom Metrics

Note for custom metric format types
Integer: Whole numbers (No decimals)
Currency (Decimal): Monetary value with decimal
Time: Duration (send data in seconds)

Conversion Data

Notable Downloads*
Tracks when a user downloads a notable file. Note: To use, add the class “notable” to either the <a> or its parent. Scope: Hit, Format: Integer

Notable Form Views*
Tracks when a user views a page containing a notable form. Note: To use this, add the class “notable” to either the <form> or somewhere within the form. Scope: Hit, Format: Integer

Notable Form Submissions*
Tracks when a user submits a notable form. Note: This uses the same “notable” class as above. Scope: Hit, Format: Integer

Video Data

Video Starts
Tracks when a user begins playing a video. Scope: Hit, Format: Integer

Video Play Time
Tracks playing duration when a user pauses or completes a video. Scope: Hit, Format: Time

Video Completions
Tracks when a user completes playing a video. Scope: Hit, Format: Integer


Autocomplete Searches
Tracks when a set of autocomplete search results is returned to the user (count is the search, not the result quantity). Scope: Hit, Format: Integer

Autocomplete Search Clicks
Tracks when a user clicks an autocomplete search result. Scope: Hit, Format: Integer

Page Suggestions
Tracks when a page is suggested to the user. Scope: Hit, Format: Integer

Page Suggestions Accepted
Page Suggestions Accepted Scope: Hit, Format: Integer


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