These are recommended Google Analytics Goals for gaining insights with tools like conversion funnels.

Goals are specific to each business, but here are some ideas of things to assign as goals. They are separated into ideas for Goal Sets.

Lead Set

  • Contact/Lead Forms
  • Newsletter signups
  • Account Registration

Contact Set

  • Mailto
  • Phone calls
  • Map Directions

Engagement Set

  • Multiple pageviews per session
  • Time on page
  • Downloads
  • Social/Outbound Links
  • Comments

Ecommerce Set

  • Add to Cart
  • Checkout/Place Order


This is why it is important to assign value to event tracking whenever possible!

However, DO NOT USE ARBITRARY GOAL VALUES! Goal values need to be correct and non-speculative. Do not assign value to a goal that does not directly generate a lead or a purchase.

WooCommerce automatically adds Google Analytics integration, so additional Goal set up is not needed (since it is tracked under eCommerce).

When viewing Goal funnels (specifically, I like the “Top Conversion Paths” under Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels), it shows how important it is to detect where users are coming from. For example, if you are sending out email campaigns you MUST USE CAMPAIGN URLS. Otherwise you really have no measurement of ROI for your email marketing (Email Service Provider analytics are only so good because they are not in context with your website; meaning they can’t tell you what the user did after clicking- like if they converted to a sale!)

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