These are recommended custom segments for Google Analytics to see how groups of users interact with your website differently.

Custom Segments (Core GA Dimensions)

These are ideas for custom segments that can be created with standard Google Analytics dimensions.

My Hostnames

  • Conditions
    • Hostname matches regex
    • Note: Replace “yourdomain” above with your actual domain. Include any secondary domains too. Escape periods, and use the pipe separator. To find a list of all hostnames, use the Audience > Technology > Network report, and click the Hostname dimension.
    • Note: Consider creating a new View in Google Analytics with this regex pattern as an custom filter using Include > Hostname to avoid Ghost Referral Spambots entirely! Combined with the Nebula server-side spambot prevention, this should stop all spambots!

Facebook Referred Users

  • Traffic Sources
    • Source contains facebook

Twitter Referred Users

  • Traffic Sources
    • Source contains

Google+ Referred Users

  • Traffic Sources
    • Source is one of,


  • Conditions
    • Event Category contains comment

Custom Segments (Nebula GA Custom Dimensions)

These are ideas for custom segments that can be created with optional custom dimensions via Nebula.

Non-Staff Users

*Note that this excludes all logged-in users. If you have user sign-ups (like WooCommerce) you may want to remove the .r: condition or make it more specific.

  • Conditions
    • Exclude sessions:
      • *Session ID contains .r:
      • Session ID contains .dev
      • Session ID contains .cli

Logged-In Customers (Ecommerce)

  • Conditions
    • Session ID contains .r:cus

Built-In Segments

These are segments that come standard with Google Analytics that should be used to gain insights.

  • Converters
  • Paid Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Organic Traffic
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Non-Converters
  • Paid Traffic
  • Tablet Traffic
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