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Geo Polygon Array Converter

February 12, 2017

CSV or Path Array to convert*
Converted nested array

Additional Notes

This utility will convert a generated path array from this polylines code generator into a nested array that can be used with Google’s containsLocation function. The conversion is necessary so that polygon information can be stored as a custom field tied to a post in the WordPress database.

Use this polylines code generator and select “Polygon”. Find the desired location and click the boundaries (at least 3). Once satisfied with the polygon, click the “csv” tab and copy and paste the entire text into the Nebula converter. Or, if you only have the path array supplied from the code tab, copy and paste it starting with [ and ending with either ] or ]; into the left textarea. Then copy the text from the right textarea to use in the custom field.

Proper formatting for the nested array should look like [[0.000,0.000],[0.000,0.000],[0.000,0.000]] and have at least three points.


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