This is useful so you don't need to make multiple calls to nebula()->option() for each address component. Read More »


This is used for data stored outside of Nebula Options. It is also stored in an array. Read More »


This function used to override many plugins' settings, but is down to just Yoast SEO now. It may grow or shrink as plugin annoyances come and go. Read More »


This defines Tether as empty so Bootstrap thinks it is called (and doesn't trigger any warnings). Tether is only needed for tooltips, so when tooltips are detected (in main.js), the tether.js file is dynamically called then (instead of calling it every single time when it's mostly not needed). Read More »


jQuery is registered with jQuery Migrate, so WordPress (by default) enqueues them both. This function dequeues both, and then re-enqueues jQuery alone. Read More »