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Dynamically create image a maximum width image size to prevent accidentally loading huge filesize images on the front-end.

PHP March 24, 2018


This function runs automatically, so it is not called manually. Is this incorrect?

Additional Notes

These image sizes will not appear in lists (since they are dynamically created and have variable heights).

See limit_image_size() page for demo.

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    Source File

    Located in /libs/Optimization.php on line 87.

    No Hooks

    This function does not have any filters or actions available. Request one?
            public function create_max_width_size_proportionally($sizes, $metadata){
                if ( !empty($metadata['width']) && !empty($metadata['height']) ){
                    //Create a max size of 1200px wide
                    $lg_width = $metadata['width'];
                    $lg_height = $metadata['height'];
                    if ( $metadata['width'] > 1200 ){
                        $lg_width = 1200;
                        $lg_height = ($metadata['height']*$lg_width)/$metadata['width']; //Original Height * Desired Width / Original Width = Desired Height
                    $sizes['max_size'] = array(
                        'width' => $lg_width,
                        'height' => $lg_height,
                        'crop' => true
                    //Create a max size of 800px wide for use with the Save Data header
                    $sm_width = $metadata['width'];
                    $sm_height = $metadata['height'];
                    if ( $metadata['width'] > 800 ){
                        $sm_width = 800;
                        $sm_height = ($metadata['height']*$sm_width)/$metadata['width']; //Original Height * Desired Width / Original Width = Desired Height
                    $sizes['max_size_less'] = array(
                        'width' => $sm_width,
                        'height' => $sm_height,
                        'crop' => true
                return $sizes;


    This function can not be short-circuited with an override filter. Request one?