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Send a Google Analytics event from the server side.

PHP July 13, 2017


nebula()->ga_send_event($category, $action, $label, $value, $ni, $array)


(Required) (String) Event category
Default: None

(Required) (String) Event action
Default: None

(Optional) (String) Event label
Default: None

(Optional) (Integer) Event value
Default: None

(Optional) (Boolean) Non-Interaction (1 = non-interaction)
Default: true

(Optional) (Array) An array of additional custom values
Default: None

Parameter Notes

Non-interaction defaults to true because server-side events are typically not triggered by user interaction.

Refer to this documentation for parameters.

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Additional Notes

Use this hit builder by Google to assist preparing options.

Note: Be careful using this function as it may affect reports if this event is sent before (or without) a corresponding pageview hit type. Be selective about when this function is called, or call it via AJAX in JavaScript if possible.

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