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Modifies the compiled CSS files with additional customization (such as date of render).

PHP March 16, 2017




(Required) (String) The compiled CSS
Default: None

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Additional Notes

  • Reduces theme path comment lines (in both parent and child themes).
  • Adds a processed timestamp at the end of the file.

Can be hooked into with nebula_scss_post_compile to add more customization.

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    Source File

    Located in /libs/Utilities/Sass.php on line 362.

    3 Hooks

    Find these filters and actions in the source code below to hook into them. Use do_action() and add_filter() in your functions file or plugin.

    Need a new filter hook? Request one here.

    Need a new action hook? Request one here.

            public function scss_post_compile($scss){
                $override = apply_filters('pre_nebula_scss_post_compile', null, $scss);
                if ( isset($override) ){return $override;}
                if ( empty($scss) ){
                    return $scss;
                $scss = preg_replace("(" . str_replace('/', '\/', get_template_directory()) . ")", '', $scss); //Reduce theme path for SCSSPHP debug line comments
                $scss = preg_replace("(" . str_replace('/', '\/', get_stylesheet_directory()) . ")", '', $scss); //Reduce theme path for SCSSPHP debug line comments (For child themes)
                $scss .= PHP_EOL . '/* ' . date('l, F j, Y \a\t g:i:s A', time()) . ' */';
                //Run these once
                if ( $this->get_data('need_sass_compile') != 'false' ){
                    $this->update_data('scss_last_processed', time());
                    $this->update_data('need_sass_compile', 'false');
                    //Update the Service Worker JavaScript file (to clear cache)
                    if ( $this->get_option('service_worker') && is_writable(get_home_path()) ){
                        if ( file_exists($this->sw_location(false)) ){
                return $scss;


    To override this PHP function, use this hook in your child theme or plugin ("my_custom" can be changed):

    add_filter('pre_nebula_scss_post_compile', 'my_custom_scss_post_compile', 10, 2); //The last integer must be 1 more than the actual parameters
    function my_custom_scss_post_compile($null, $scss){ //$null is required, but can be ignored
        //Write your own code here
        return true; //Return true to prevent the original function from running afterwords

    You can completely disable this PHP function with a single line actions:

     add_filter('pre_nebula_scss_post_compile', '__return_false');