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Show the header drawer when redirected to the only result after a single search result was available to explain it.

JavaScript February 22, 2017


This function runs automatically, so it is not called manually. Is this incorrect?

Additional Notes

On a single search result, the user is redirected automatically to that result and then presented a header drawer element with an explanation and a search field.

Source File

Located in /assets/js/nebula.js on line 2342.

nebula.singleResultDrawer = function(){
    var searchTerm = nebula.get('rs');
    if ( searchTerm ){
        searchTerm = searchTerm.replace(/\%20|\+/g, ' ').replace(/\%22|"|'/g, '');
        jQuery('#searchform input#s').val(searchTerm);

        nebula.dom.document.on('click', '#nebula-drawer .close', function(){
            var permalink = jQuery(this).attr('href');
            history.replaceState(null, document.title, permalink);
            return false;


To override or disable this JavaScript function, simply redeclare it with the exact same function name.

nebula.singleResultDrawer = function(){
    //Write your own code here, leave it blank, or return false.