Very similar to debounce but where debounce happens only once at the end (or the beginning), throttle happens multiple times but limited to a set amount of time in between. Remember: there is no guarantee that an event will trigger at the end! If the action being throttled stops half-way into the cooldown, it will Read More »


"Use Companion Script" and "Real-Time Form Identification" options must be enabled for this to work in Nebula Options (using the Companion plugin). This function looks for any query string that begins with and converts to spaces. Note: This function already captures parameters. Read More »


This function is essentially an alias for , but it also checks if Service Worker is supported and if there is currently a controller, so it is safe to use anywhere. Remember: Using shift+reload bypasses the service worker so the window will not be controlled! This prevents messages from being posted! Read More »


This is useful for syncing data/information between tabs without needing localstorage. Like closing a notification in one tab closes it in all tabs, or incrementing a counter on all tabs (like an ecommerce cart). Note: the message is not sent to the same tab/window (client) that triggered it. This event will trigger anytime the service Read More »


For elements, you can use the function (or ). For elements, you can use the function (or ). For all other HTML elements, use the . For background images, add the class to the element. Warning: The HTML (, , etc.) methods support non-JavaScript environments, but the  method requires JavaScript to work. To trigger the Read More »