This is a convenient way to use the Cache API because it checks for invalid URLs to prevent them from attempting to be added to the cache. It also manages the cache name automatically to match the Service Worker JavaScript. Deprecated in favor of Workbox. Read More »


To install the Nebula Service Worker, find the sw.js file in the Nebula Child resources directory and move it to the root directory. Then, enable Service Worker in Nebula Options. If you need to override the name and/or location of the file, override the function (documentation here). When using an SSL, Nebula sets a Content Read More »


This function concatenates the new field/event to the existing string and then sets a custom dimension (if used). As the user moves through the form, the data is sent to Google Analytics scoped to their session. Abandonment can be deciphered when the form flow does not end with a . This function is already built Read More »


This will return true even if a sliver of the element is in the viewport. It will also work if the element extends both above and below the viewport (if it is really tall). This function also takes into account if the current window/tab is visible (focused). Read More »


This function will color the post slug in red when it ends in a dash and number. This can have false positives, so use judgement with this reference tool. Read More »


This function also removes Contact Form 7 validation classes (because CF7 classes are applied on submit of a form). Sidenote: To validate required menus, be sure the first has . Sidenote: Checkbox and radio validation in Bootstrap 4 only works with customized elements and as such is not included with Nebula live validation. Read More »