For an easier implementation, you could simply add the class to the search input. See autocompleteSearchListeners(). On keypress or paste, this function triggers nebula_autocomplete_search_start. On autocomplete success, nebula_autocomplete_search_success is triggered. When search results are available, nebula_autocomplete_search_results is triggered, otherwise nebula_autocomplete_search_no_results is triggered if no results are available. On AJAX error, this function triggers nebula_autocomplete_search_error. Read More »


Important note: This function can only pause videos that are "known" to Nebula- only Youtube and Vimeo videos that are connected into the Nebula players object. Read More »


This function checks for the video to play, pause, or end. When played, nebula_playing_video is triggered. When paused, nebula_paused_video is triggered. When ended, nebula_finished_video is triggered. This function also triggers nebula_engaged_video when the user has watched enough of the video to be considered engaged. Read More »