This checks if the undocumented function is available from the Youtube API. Either way it tries to return the most applicable ID available. The fallback stack is Youtube ID, Debug ID, ?v parameter from the video URL or the iframe src, ID attribute of the iframe element itself. Read More »


This function will add a body class of "offline" when the network is unavailable (and remove it when the network connection returns). It is also called automatically when the network availability changes using the JavaScript events and . Read More »


To install the Nebula Service Worker, find the sw.js file in the Nebula Child resources directory and move it to the root directory. Then, enable Service Worker in Nebula Options. If you need to override the name and/or location of the file, override the function (documentation here). When using an SSL, Nebula sets a Content Read More »


This function concatenates the new field/event to the existing string and then sets a custom dimension (if used). As the user moves through the form, the data is sent to Google Analytics scoped to their session. Abandonment can be deciphered when the form flow does not end with a . This function is already built Read More »