Note that this requires a paid API key for Google Maps to work. Otherwise the user will be presented with an alert message when filling it out.   Updates the nebula.user.address object and then triggers nebula_address_selected (which passes the event, raw place object, sanitized place object, and input field jQuery Object as parameters). Note: If the same Read More »


It is recommended to export SVG images using the following settings, and then run them through SVGOMG. This will prevent conflicts in selectors when multiple SVGs are on a page! It is also strongly recommended to also save out an optimized transparent .png file at the same size. Read More »


This function stores the cached selectors window, document, html, and body in the nebula.dom object. This function stores the cached RegEx patterns email, phone, date (year-month-day and month-day-year), hex (color), and IP in a window.regexPattern object. Read More »