Notice that once the SVG in the demo is replaced it is possible to programmatically control the fill color (and change it on hover). tags that call SVG images are not able to do that. Exporting SVGs from Adobe Illustrator It is recommended to export SVG images using the following settings, and then run them Read More »


This function stores the cached selectors window, document, html, and body in the nebula.dom object. This function stores the cached RegEx patterns email, phone, date (year-month-day and month-day-year), hex (color), and IP in a window.regexPattern object. Read More »


This function has been deprecated in favor of the Async Clipboard API. This function stores the text into a hidden div until it is copied. The callback function has a passed boolean parameter whether the copy command was successful. Read More »


"Container" is the element that wraps all of the individual elements. Think of this as the boundary for the filter. In a list example, the "container" would be the UL. "Parent" is each individual element that will be filtered. In a list example, the "parent" would be the "LI". Note, the function is an alias Read More »