This function looks for any menu inside the sidebar class with a child UL. It then adds a  class to it, and when appropriate (if it is an ancestor menu-item) clicks the expander to show the sub-menu items. Read More »


Note that this requires a paid API key for Google Maps to work. Otherwise the user will be presented with an alert message when filling it out.   Updates the nebula.user.address object and then triggers nebula_address_selected (which passes the event, raw place object, sanitized place object, and input field jQuery Object as parameters). Note: If the same Read More »


Notice that once the SVG in the demo is replaced it is possible to programmatically control the fill color (and change it on hover). tags that call SVG images are not able to do that. Exporting SVGs from Adobe Illustrator It is recommended to export SVG images using the following settings, and then run them Read More »


This function stores the cached selectors window, document, html, and body in the nebula.dom object. This function stores the cached RegEx patterns email, phone, date (year-month-day and month-day-year), hex (color), and IP in a window.regexPattern object. Read More »