This function requires the Hubspot API to be added in Nebula Options. It is currently not used for sending Hubspot data as the data is currently sent through the nv() function with updates and sends to Hubspot from the server-side. Hubspot requires that the properties be created before they can have values, so the server-side Read More »


This function should be supplemented by adding a project-specific set of event tracking in a child theme JavaScript file. If the Event Intent custom dimension (in Nebula Options) is used, each click event is associated with an "explicit" or "intent" dimension (for right-clicking or middle-clicking). For a list of all events tracked by Nebula, see [page Read More »


ga() is checked on document ready and (if not ready yet) again on window load. This function is called either when ga() is ready, or on window load no matter what. This function, in turn, calls the JS event tracking function. When ga() is ready, this function triggers nebula_ga_available. Read More »