Returns boolean. Works well with nested objects- this helps prevent long conditionals like Note: This function can not detect if an object is defined, so that must be done prior or alongside this function. See above example. Deprecated notice: Use native JS Optional Chaining instead. Read More »


This function stores timing data using in a window nebulaTimings object- this object is organized by uniqueID. Each uniqueID contains an object of data including: started: When the timer was started cumulative: The total time of all laps total: The total time of current and previous laps. lap: An object of lap data including: name: Read More »


This function facilitates the animation class and reflowing the element as needed in a single function so it does not need to be done manually in multiple steps. Read More »


This function can be called specifically to scroll to an element, but it also runs automatically on any links where the href is an ID that starts with  (unless the class is added to the element) or when the class is present. After scrolling, the element will be "focused" on to maintain keyboard navigability. If Read More »