This function facilitates the animation class and reflowing the element as needed in a single function so it does not need to be done manually in multiple steps. Read More »


This function can be called specifically to scroll to an element, but it also runs automatically on any links where the href is an ID that starts with  (unless the class is added to the element) or when the class is present. After scrolling, the element will be "focused" on to maintain keyboard navigability. If Read More »


Use the class on the form (or containing element) to enable validation. In Contact Form 7, either wrap the whole thing in a or modify the shortcode with as seen here. Note: This validation is meant for visual assistance only (to improve user experience). It is not intended to do secure validation- please use server-side Read More »


This function handles the timing of individual form fields as well as overall forms. It also handles the Google Analytics event tracking for form submission funnels including starting forms, submit attempt, invalid, spam, mail failure, and successful submissions. Read More »


If a service worker is being used (and Cache API is available), the resource will be fetched and added to the cache. Otherwise, it will attempt to prefetch with a resource hint instead. It also does not run when offline. Note: This only enables event listeners! To add to the cache, see or. Read More »