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Enable autocomplete search on core WordPress input field selectors.

JavaScript February 16, 2021


This function runs automatically, so it is not called manually. Is this incorrect?


Prevent default Nebula autocomplete on a search field. This is also useful for overriding the default Nebula autocomplete in favor of customized parameters.

<input id="s" class="no-autocomplete" type="text" placeholder="Search this website..." />

Additional Notes

This function runs on all input fields with an ID of s or a class of search.

To prevent an autocomplete on a certain input, use the class no-autocomplete.


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    Source File

    Located in /assets/js/modules/search.js on line 100.

    1 Hook

    Find these filters and actions in the source code below to hook into them. Use wp.hooks.doAction() and wp.hooks.addFilter() in your JavaScript file.

    Need a new filter hook? Request one here.

    This function has no action hooks available. Request one?

    nebula.autocompleteSearchListeners = async function(){
        let autocompleteSearchSelector = wp.hooks.applyFilters('nebulaAutocompleteSearchSelector', '.nebula-search input, input#s,, input[name="s"]');
        jQuery(autocompleteSearchSelector).one('focus', function(){ //Only do this once
            if ( !jQuery(this).hasClass('no-autocomplete') ){ //Use this class to disable or override the default Nebula autocomplete search parameters
                nebula.loadJS(, 'jquery-ui').then(function(){
                    nebula.dom.document.on('blur', '.nebula-search input', function(){
                    //I do not know why this cannot be debounced
                    jQuery('input#s,, input[name="s"]').on('keyup paste', function(e){
                        let allowedKeys = ['Backspace', 'Delete']; //Non-alphanumeric keys that are still allowed to trigger a search
                        if ( jQuery(this).val().trim().length && (nebula.isAlphanumeric(e.key, false) || allowedKeys.includes(e.key) ) ){
                            let types = false;
                            if ( jQuery(this).is('[data-types]') ){
                                types = jQuery(this).attr('data-types');
                            nebula.autocompleteSearch(jQuery(this), types);
                        } else {
                            jQuery(this).closest('.input-group, .nebula-input-group').find('.fa-spin').removeClass('fa-spin fa-spinner').addClass('fa-magnifying-glass');


    To override or disable this JavaScript function, simply redeclare it with the exact same function name. Remember: Some functionality is conditionally loaded via dynamic imports, so if your function is not overriding properly, try listening for a DOM event (described below).


    For non-module import functions:

    nebula.autocompleteSearchListeners = function(){
        //Write your own code here, leave it blank, or return false.

    For dynamically imported module function overrides:

    jQuery(window).on('load', function(){
        nebula.autocompleteSearchListeners = function(){
            //Write your own code here, leave it blank, or return false.

    Custom Nebula DOM events do also exist, so you could also try the following if the Window Load listener does not work:

    jQuery(document).on('nebula_module_loaded', function(module){
        //Note that the module variable is also available to know which module specifically was imported
        if ( typeof nebula.autocompleteSearchListeners === 'function' ){
            nebula.autocompleteSearchListeners = function(){
                //Write your own code here, leave it blank, or return false.