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Run an AJAX autocomplete search using jQuery UI.

JavaScript February 11, 2021


nebula.autocompleteSearch(element, types)


(Required) (Object (or String)) The jQuery object (or selector) of the search input field
Default: None

(Optional) (String) A comma-separated string of post types to include
Default: 'any'

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Include only posts and pages in search.

nebula.loadJS(, 'jquery-ui').then(function(){ //Ensure jQuery-UI JS is loaded
    jQuery('#example-input').on('keyup paste', function(){ //Add the listener
        nebula.autocompleteSearch(jQuery(this), 'post,page');

nebula.loadCSS(; //Load the jQuery-UI CSS too

Search all post types by simply using the WordPress core "s" class.

<input class="s" type="text" placeholder="Search this site..." />

Customize the post types in an HTML form without needing to re-write any JavaScript

<input class="search" type="text" data-types="post,page" />

Additional Notes

For an easier implementation, you could simply add the class s to the search input. See autocompleteSearchListeners().

On keypress or paste, this function triggers nebula_autocomplete_search_start.

On autocomplete success, nebula_autocomplete_search_success is triggered.

When search results are available, nebula_autocomplete_search_results is triggered, otherwise nebula_autocomplete_search_no_results is triggered if no results are available.

On AJAX error, this function triggers nebula_autocomplete_search_error.

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    Source File

    Located in /assets/js/modules/search.js on line 128.

    No Hooks

    This function does not have any filters or actions available. Request one?
    nebula.autocompleteSearch = function(element, types = ''){
        if ( typeof element === 'string' ){
            element = jQuery(element);
        if ( types && Array.isArray(types) ){
            types = types.join(','); //Convert an array to to a comma-separated string
        nebula.dom.document.trigger('nebula_autocomplete_search_start', element);
        nebula.timer('(Nebula) Autocomplete Search', 'start');
        nebula.timer('(Nebula) Autocomplete Response', 'start');
        if ( element.val().trim().length ){
            if ( element.val().trim().length >= 2 ){ //This checks the length for animation but the minlength (below) handles it for autocomplete
                //Add "searching" class for custom Nebula styled forms
                }, 10_000);
                //Swap magnifying glass on Bootstrap input-group
                element.closest('.input-group, .nebula-input-group').find('.fa-search').removeClass('fa-search').addClass('fa-spin fa-spinner');
            } else {
                element.closest('.input-group, .nebula-input-group').find('.fa-spin').removeClass('fa-spin fa-spinner').addClass('fa-search');
            let typesQuery = '';
            if ( types ){
                typesQuery = '&types=' + types;
            if ( typeof element.autocomplete !== 'function' ){
      'nebula.autocompleteSearch requires jQuery UI. Load that library before calling this function', '/functions/autocompletesearch/');
                return false;
            element.autocomplete({ //jQuery UI dependent
                position: {
                    my: 'left top-2px',
                    at: 'left bottom',
                    collision: 'flip',
                source: async function(request, sourceResponse){
                    let searchResults = nebula.memoize('get', 'autocomplete search (' + request.term.toLowerCase() + ') [' + typesQuery + ']'); //Try from stored memory first
                    if ( !searchResults ){
                        var fetchResponse = await fetch( + '/wp-json/nebula/v2/autocomplete_search?term=' + request.term + typesQuery, {importance: 'high'}).then(function(fetchResponse){
                            return fetchResponse.json();
                            searchResults = nebula.memoize('set', 'autocomplete search (' + request.term.toLowerCase() + ') [' + typesQuery + ']', fetchData); //Add to stored memory
                            nebula.dom.document.trigger('nebula_autocomplete_search_error', request.term);
                                ga('send', 'exception', {'exDescription': '(JS) Autocomplete AJAX error: ' + error, 'exFatal': false});
                                nebula.crm('event', 'Autocomplete Search AJAX Error');
                            }, 1500, 'autocomplete error buffer');
                            element.closest('.input-group, .nebula-input-group').find('.fa-spin').removeClass('fa-spin fa-spinner').addClass('fa-search');
                    nebula.dom.document.trigger('nebula_autocomplete_search_success', searchResults);
                    ga('set',, 1);
                    var noSearchResults = ' (No Results)'; //Prep the string
                    if ( searchResults ){
                        nebula.dom.document.trigger('nebula_autocomplete_search_results', searchResults);
                        jQuery.each(searchResults, function(index, value){
                            value.label = value.label.replaceAll(/&#038;/g, '\&');
                        noSearchResults = '';
                    } else {
                        let thisEvent = {
                            category: 'Internal Search',
                            action: 'Autocomplete Search' + noSearchResults, //GA4 name: "search"
                            request: request,
                            term: request.term.toLowerCase(),
                            noResults: ( noSearchResults )? true : false,
                        nebula.dom.document.trigger('nebula_event', thisEvent);
                        ga('send', 'event', thisEvent.category, thisEvent.action, thisEvent.term);
                        nebula.fbq('track', 'Search', {search_string: thisEvent.term});
                        nebula.clarity('set', thisEvent.category, thisEvent.term);
                        nebula.crm('identify', {internal_search: thisEvent.term});
                    }, 1500, 'autocomplete success buffer');
                    ga('send', 'timing', 'Autocomplete Search', 'Server Response', Math.round(nebula.timer('(Nebula) Autocomplete Search', 'lap')), 'Each search until server results');
                    sourceResponse(searchResults); //Respond to the jQuery UI Autocomplete now
                    element.closest('.input-group, .nebula-input-group').find('.fa-spin').removeClass('fa-spin fa-spinner').addClass('fa-search');
                focus: function(event, ui){
                    event.preventDefault(); //Prevent input value from changing.
                select: function(event, ui){
                    let thisEvent = {
                        category: 'Internal Search',
                        action: 'Autocomplete Click', //GA4 name: "select_content"
                        ui: ui,
                        label: ui.item.label,
                        external: ( typeof ui.item.external !== 'undefined' )? true : false,
                    ga('set',, 1);
                    nebula.dom.document.trigger('nebula_autocomplete_search_selected', thisEvent.ui);
                    nebula.dom.document.trigger('nebula_event', thisEvent);
                    ga('send', 'event', thisEvent.category, thisEvent.action, thisEvent.label);
                    ga('send', 'timing', 'Autocomplete Search', 'Until Navigation', Math.round(nebula.timer('(Nebula) Autocomplete Search', 'end')), 'From first initial search until navigation');
                    if ( thisEvent.external ){
              , '_blank');
                    } else {
                        window.location.href =;
                open: function(){
                    let heroAutoCompleteDropdown = jQuery('.form-identifier-nebula-hero-search');
                    heroAutoCompleteDropdown.css('max-width', element.outerWidth());
                close: function(){
                minLength: 3, //Require at least 3 characters
            }).data('ui-autocomplete')._renderItem = function(ul, item){
                let thisSimilarity = ( typeof item.similarity !== 'undefined' )? item.similarity.toFixed(1) + '% Match' : '';
                let listItem = jQuery("<li class='" + item.classes + "' title='" + thisSimilarity + "'></li>").data("item.autocomplete", item).append("<a href='" + + "'> " + item.label.replaceAll(/\\/g, '') + "</a>").appendTo(ul);
                return listItem;
            let thisFormIdentifier = element.closest('form').attr('id') || element.closest('form').attr('name') || element.closest('form').attr('class');
            element.autocomplete('widget').addClass('form-identifier-' + thisFormIdentifier);


    To override or disable this JavaScript function, simply redeclare it with the exact same function name.

    nebula.autocompleteSearch = function(element, types){
        //Write your own code here, leave it blank, or return false.