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Limits an event to only happen once per a set amount of time.

JavaScript February 7, 2021


nebula.throttle(callback, cooldown, uniqueId)


(Required) (Function) The function to run after the wait period
Default: None

(Required) (Integer) How long (in milliseconds) between callback calls
Default: 1000

(Optional) (String) A unique ID to separate different Debounce function calls
Default: "No Unique ID"

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Remember that the scope of "this" changes inside of the throttle function!

    var oThis = jQuery(this); //Store "this" in an object to pass into the throttle
        //jQuery(this) now refers to the throttle function- not the input!
        var inputValue = oThis.val();
    }, 1500, 'user typing in search');

Throttle a function and then run it once again at the end (regardless of when it happens in relation to the cooldown)

jQuery(window).on('resize', function(){
        doTheThing(); //This happens every 500ms while the window is resizing (but probably not at the very end)
    }, 500, 'user resizing window');

        doTheThing(); //This happens only once after the event ends
    }, 500, 'user resizing window');

Additional Notes

Very similar to debounce but where debounce happens only once at the end (or the beginning), throttle happens multiple times but limited to a set amount of time in between.

Remember: there is no guarantee that an event will trigger at the end! If the action being throttled stops half-way into the cooldown, it will not trigger again! For example, when throttling a window resize in 1 second intervals to detect media queries, you could end up with an incorrect detection if the user quickly changes their screen size in less than 1 second (or if it ends in-between the 1-second cooldown after going beyond the media query threshold).

If you need an event to happen at the end, you’ll need to use debounce. This can be done in addition to throttling, though!

Source File

Located in /assets/js/modules/utilities.js on line 395.

No Hooks

This function does not have any filters or actions available. Request one?
nebula.throttle = function(callback, cooldown = 1000, uniqueID = 'No Unique ID'){
    if ( !callback ){'nebula.throttle() requires a callback function.', '/functions/throttle/');
        return false;

    if ( typeof nebula.throttleTimers === 'undefined' ){
        nebula.throttleTimers = {};

    let context = this;
    let args = arguments;
    let later = function(){
        if ( typeof nebula.throttleTimers[uniqueID] === 'undefined' ){ //If we're not waiting
                callback.apply(context, args); //Execute callback function

                nebula.throttleTimers[uniqueID] = 'waiting'; //Prevent future invocations

                //After the cooldown period, allow future invocations
                    nebula.throttleTimers[uniqueID] = undefined; //Allow future invocations (undefined means it is not waiting)
                }, cooldown);

    return later();


To override or disable this JavaScript function, simply redeclare it with the exact same function name.

nebula.throttle = function(callback, cooldown, uniqueID){
    //Write your own code here, leave it blank, or return false.