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Detect weather for a zip code.

PHP April 26, 2017


nebula()->weather($zipcode, $data)


(Optional) (String) The zip code to check the weather
Default: (Nebula option postal code)

(Required) (String) The type of data to return
Default: None

Parameter Notes

$data can include “json”, “reported”, “city”, “state”, “country”, “location”, “latitude”, “longitude”, “coordinates”, “wind chill”, “wind speed”, “sunrise”, “sunset”, “temperature”, “conditions”, “forecast”, and aliases of those.

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Additional Notes

Brief warning that the Yahoo API (from my experience) is not very reliable as far as up-time. Nebula caches the data and prevents long timeouts, but the weather data itself may not always be available- it is important to have a fallback!

Source File

This function was not found in /libs/Functions.php. Please report this error.

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