One of the most notable features of Nebula is how it integrates analytics out of the box. Simply add your Tracking ID from Google Analytics and Nebula will immediately send custom events and timings in addition to default Google Analytics data. Add in custom definition indexes and Nebula will also automatically send custom dimensions and metrics as well.

Default Events

Nebula uses a combination of custom JavaScript events as well as including autotrack.js for advanced event data without needing any programming at all. These events include:

Events are shown as Category > Action > Label. [Bracketed Red Text] indicates variable data.

  • Button Click > [Button Text] > [Button URL]
  • Outbound Link > [Link Text] > [Link URL]
  • PDF View > [Filename]
  • Notable Download > [Filename]
  • Internal Search > [Search Type] > [Query]
  • Page Suggestion > [Suggestion Source] > [Suggested Text]
  • Find on Page > Ctrl+F > User initiated their browser’s find tool with keyboard shortcut.
  • Mailto > [Email Address]
    • Also triggers if an email address is copied to clipboard (as an intent).
    • Recommended goal
  • Click-to-Call > [Phone Number]
    • This also tracks SMS links
    • Also triggers if a phone number is copied to clipboard (as an intent).
    • Recommended goal
  • CF7 Form > [Form Action] > [Action Description]
    • Form actions include “Started Form”, “Submit (Invalid)”, “Submit (Spam)”, “Submit (Failed)”
    • Recommended goal for “Submit (Success)” action.
  • Non-Linked Click Attempt > Image > [Source]
  • Copied Text > [Word Count] > [Copied Text]
  • Error > [Error Type] > [Error Message]
  • Print > Print
  • Page Visibility > [Visibility Action] > [Visibility Description]
  • Social > Share > [Social Network]
    • These can only track Nebula sharer URLs (and email sharing)
  • Scroll Depth > [Scroll Action] > [Scroll Description]
    • This uses a combination of Nebula custom scripting as well as autotrack.js
  • Ecommerce > [Ecommerce Action] > [Ecommerce Label]
    • Actions include adding to cart, update cart button, remove from cart, proceed to checkout, place order, and checkout form timing.
    • Recommended goal for “Place Order” action.


Nebula times users on important funnels to help improve completion rates. Nebula also includes simple functions for easily adding custom timing, too. Default timings include:

  • Performance Timing > Perceived Load > Navigation start to window load
  • Performance Timing > Actual Load > Server Response until window load
  • Ecommerce > Checkout Form > Billing details start to Place order button click
  • Ecommerce > Place Order Button > Place Order button click (likely exit to payment gateway)
  • Scroll Depth > Entry Content > Scrolled from top of entry-content to bottom
  • Scroll Depth > Entire Page > Scrolled from top of page to bottom
  • Autocomplete Search > Server Response > Each search until server results
  • Autocomplete Search > Until Navigation > From first initial search until navigation
  • CF7 Form > [Input Field Name] > Amount of time on this input field (until next focus or submit)
  • CF7 Form > Form Completion [Form ID] > Initial form focus until valid submit
  • Videos > Paused (Watched) > [Video Title]
    • Roughly the amount of time watched (not timestamp) of the video when it was paused.
  • Videos > Finished > [Video Title]
    • Roughly the amount of time watched (may exceed video duration)
  • Mmenu > Closed > From opening Mmenu until closed
  • Mmenu > Navigated > From opening Mmenu until navigation.

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