Custom reports are tried to the Google Analytics user (not the account), so each person needs to create their own; just like segments.

404 Monitor

This report will collect 404 Not Found occurrences on the site and show what URL was attempted so that 301 redirects can be created. This report is prioritized by pageviews.


Type: Explorer
Pageviews, Unique Pageviews
Dimensions: Page
Filter: Include Page Title Regex not found

Spambot Hunting

This report finds spambots that are not actually visiting the website so their referrer can be added to a blacklist. This is triggered by visitors with a non-matching hostname. Important: Make sure you change the hostname filter or else this report will be useless!


Type: Flat Table
 Source, Hostname, Full Referrer, Page Title
Metrics: Sessions, Bounce Rate, % New Sessions
Filter: Exclude Hostname Regex (Use Regex pattern generated for valid hostnames)


Custom Metrics

View the custom metrics that are reported by Nebula. These include data for Videos, Page Suggestions, Autocomplete, Notable Downloads, Engaged Readers, and more. This report must be created manually because custom metric index numbers will be different for every setup. Use the metrics selected in Nebula Options under Analytics as a reference.

Type: Explorer
 (As needed via Nebula Options)
Dimensions: Page Title
Filter: (none)

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