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Load any HTML declared for lazy-loading at the appropriate time.

JavaScript February 7, 2021



This function runs automatically, so it is not called manually. Is this incorrect?

Additional Notes

  • For <img> elements, you can use the lazy_img() function (or lazy_load()).
  • For <iframe> elements, you can use the lazy_iframe() function (or lazy_load()).
  • For all other HTML elements, use the lazy_load().
  • For background images, add the class .lazy-load to the element.

Warning: The HTML (<img>, <iframe>, etc.) methods support non-JavaScript environments, but the .lazy-load method requires JavaScript to work.

To trigger the load function manually, use nebula_load event trigger: jQuery(document).trigger('nebula_load');

Once the load function is triggered, the listeners are removed (except for the force_load trigger) as they are no longer needed.

Deprecated: This still works, but is handled by lazyLoadAssets instead.

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