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Creates a regular expression for valid hostnames.

PHP April 28, 2017




(Optional) (Array) An array of domains
Default: Current domain

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Additional Notes

This can be used for Google Analytics filters.

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    Source File

    Located in /libs/Utilities/Utilities.php on line 411.

    1 Hook

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            public function valid_hostname_regex($domains=null){
                $domains = ( !empty($domains) && is_array($domains) )? $domains : array($this->url_components('domain')); //If a domain is not passed, use the current domain
                //Add hostnames from Nebula Options
                if ( $this->get_option('hostnames') ){
                    $domains = array_merge($domains, explode(',', str_replace(' ', '', esc_html($this->get_option('hostnames')))));
                $domains = array_merge($domains, array('', '')); //Add default safe valid domains to the list
                $all_domains = apply_filters('hostname_regex', $domains); //Allow other functions/plugins to add/remove domains from the array
                $all_domains = preg_filter('/^/', '.*', $all_domains); //Add wildcard prefix to all domains
                $all_domains = str_replace(array(' ', '.', '-'), array('', '\.', '\-'), $all_domains); //Final regex should be: \.*gearside\.com|\.*gearsidecreative\.com
                $all_domains = array_unique($all_domains); //De-dupe the domain list
                return implode("|", $all_domains); //Return a valid hostname regex string


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